AusMining Token

Australia's First 100% Renewable Energy Mining Farm with 51% of Net Mining Earnings Used for the Buyback and Burn of the AUSMT token.

What is AUSMT?

AUSMT aims to be Australia’s first 100% renewable energy powered blockchain mining farm that allows anyone from around the world to earn wealth by simply holding the AUSMT token in their wallet and benefiting from 51% of all net mining earnings being used for the buyback and burn of the AUSMT token.

What is Renewable Energy?

According to the Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (“DOE”), “[r]enewable energy is produced using natural resources that are abundant and able to be constantly renewed, including the sun, wind, water and trees.” The DOE goes on to list renewable energy to include: geothermal, hydropower, solar, and wind.

AUSMT plans to only use 100% renewable energy for its miners, with the primary energy source being from solar.

What is Buyback and Burn (BBB)?

In the case of AUSMT, BBB refers to the action of using 51% of net earnings from mining the most profitable cryptocurrency to buy AUSMT tokens from the open market, with full tax applied, and then "burning” those tokens by sending them to the dead wallet address (where they are removed from circulation forever).

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The Mining Farm

AUSMT has leased 7 acres of property on which it has built a hut to house the miners and other equipment and has begun operating miners and the buyback and burn of AUSMT tokens. With plans for expansion, more of this property will be utilized, further increasing the buyback and burn of AUSMT tokens.


The mining farm is located about one hour outside of Sydney, Australia.


AUSMT will use a combination of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) and Graphics Processing Units (GPU) to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency at any given time.

Our Pool

Anyone from around the world can mine with us via our pool. Currently, 13 coins are available for mining with fees ranging from .5% to 1%. By mining in our pool, you may also qualify for reward AUSMT tokens.

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