A joint venture to Empower the bitcoin network that With 100% renewable energy. A partnership combining two dynamic companies mining bitcoin powered by renewable energy and creating a value driven utility token

We believe that the convergence of the bitcoin mining and renewable energy sectors will unlock immense value, as well as drive innovation, efficiency and sustainability across both sectors.

We partner with renewable energy providers

We build both portable and permanent data centre infrastructure, housing bitcoin mining machines at renewable energy sites. The ability to purchase new machines and technology will allow for site expansion and a scalable positive environmental impact.

We build data centres to house bitcoin miners

Our capital partners have a shared passion for the renewable energy sector, and are eager to support innovative projects that support a sustainable future for our planet.

We raise capital with renewable industry advocates

As a team, we believe we are custodians to our planet, and are diligent in our efforts to make a positive environmental impact. With passion, key knowledge and expertise, we aspire to drive innovative solutions for the future of finance, whilst supporting sustainable solutions for our planet.

We are building a world class team & culture

Joint Venture - BTC mining operation
Unlocking value in both businesses

Empower Team

-Provide initial machines at a discount to get the first site up and running.
-Access to capital markets with renewable energy focus.
-Provide renewable energy expertise to help guide our new site acquisition strategy, allowing us to scale in the right locations.
-Find additional sites to keep pace with the purchasing of new machines generated from mining rewards.
-Provide the electrical engineering capability to set up key infrastructure for mining operations.
-Build financial models that overlay cap ex, ops ex and return on investment.
-Work closely with the Ausmt team to support the community and the trajectory for the business.

Seat on the board of Ausmt
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Aus Mining Team

-Help secure access to 1st site.
-Set up racking, cabling, install and connect the first 235 miners.
-Create efficiencies in the mining operations through capturing data and measuring output and making recommendations.
-Help Empower Mine plan out site 2,3,4,5 and prepare for the 2nd set up.
-Support site 2 with a raise to purchase machines.
-Marketing within community creating continued momentum.
-Provide splits in trading volume %’s to support the buy back of machines

Seat on the board of Empower
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Long term build two great companies working alongside each other to reach >100 mw under mgt, 30,000 machines

Other Strategic Alliances


Energa takes a multi-disciplinary approach to finding the right solution to drive down energy costs for your business.

They lead a team that have assessed, designed, engineered, installed and maintained many commercial energy efficiency programs across Australia.


DC Two

DC Two provides secure compute and storage options from our data centres to meet a wide range of needs, suitable for small businesses and scalable up to large enterprise requirements.

FIXED PRICING - calculated in advance for you Month by month services WITHOUT CONTRACT FIXED DATA CHARGE options available Local cloud including this & more



BITMAIN is the world's leading manufacturer of digital currency mining servers through its brand ANTMINER, which has long maintained a global market share and leading position in technology, serving customers across over 100 countries and regions.


Adopt AI

Data is everywhere. Artificial Intelligence gets the best building performance. Predictive fault detection, energy optimisation and contractor management. The best returns for shareholders, the environment and tenants.


Australian Solar

Australian Solar provides investors with the opportunity to capitalise on Australia’s inevitable shift to renewable energy, by investing in solar renewable energy assets via simple structures that have been designed to preserve capital while generating attractive and stable yields.