What is a "developer" ?This term is used a lot ,but very few understand what it entails. Creating an exceptional product requires conception, planning, design and most importantly execution! He has many years of experience under his belt and is very passionate about his work. He has designed and coded every aspect of the AUSMT dashboard to perfection!

His Work On AUSMT

Helios has created an exquisite dashboard that embodies the different aspects of the AUSMT project. AUSMTScan gives users the ability to view reflections, status of mining pools, marketcap and all details related to the ausmt environment. Ausmtscan brings increased utility and transparency which is vital to the success of any Cryptocurrency project.

Data Critters

there here are currently 30 different types of datacritter, exclusively for AUSMT.Datacritters have so many intriguing aspects to them. They change appearance depending on wallet activity. This results in visible a change of behaviour and attitude of the critters.Held through a bear market? Great, your critter now has a Poison skin. Depending on its DNA the changes and the effects will be unique to individual critters.

They are in constant motion, so if you were to sell a ton of AUSMT, it may become slower or look more beaten.Each datacritter will be tied to a physical miner which is reflected in its behaviour. From the current Hash rate of your miner, to its activity/inactivity and also the amount of rewards received!