Phase 1A - Pre-launch

-Website creation
-Social media creation (including telegram, twitter, etc.)
-Token creation
-Smart Contract Audit
-Minor marketing
-Farm property search
-Contact suppliers for building materials


Phase 1B - Pre-launch

-PancakeSwap launch
-Secure property lease
-Purchase building supplies
-Purchase first batch of renewable energy supplies
-Start mining hut construction
-Start setup of first batch of renewable energy/solar panels
-Arrival of miners
-Complete installation of miners
-Initiate testing of miners
-Miners go live
-Initiate auto buy back and burn bot

Phase 2 - Post-launch

-Website update
-Major marketing push
-CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing (to be initiated at 1k holders)
-Purchase additional off-grid renewable energy packages
-Purchase additional miners and equipment
-Install off-grid renewable energy
-Install additional IT equipment/miners
-Complete miners testing
-Miners go live
-Security audit

Phase 3A - AUSMT Solar / Mining Company

-Purchase new land / property
-Build mining facility (if not included in purchase)
-Create AUSMT electricity company
-Create AUSMT mining company
-Purchase additional off-grid renewable energy packages
-Hire staff

Phase 3B - International Expansion / Mining Company

AUSMT plans to repeat the Phase 1-3 process of building a full 4-5 MW solar farm with ASIC and GPU miners in multiple countries over the next 1-2 years of operations.