Andy - Mr. Miner

Andy is the founder and CEO of AUSMT. His experiences include military service, the construction industry, and crypto-currency mining. He is a strong believer in the future of crypto-currency and is proud that AUSMT commits to only using 100% renewable energy to power its miners.

Danni - Miner Gal
Community Manager

Danni, the community manager, has been with the project since its early days, including having spent time at the Phase 1 farm. As the community manager, Danni has assisted AUSMT plan its social media strategies, which includes the creation of content, scheduling posts, and monitoring media metrics.

Manu - Trunks Miner
Graphic Designer

Trunks has worked in the crypto industry for 2 years building and designing while also assisting with community moderation and management, he an enthusiast for renewable energy and currently on the tail end of completing his diploma in systems engineering.

Nitin - Green Miner
Art Director

with 10+ years of experience in 3D - Story Boarding, Animation, Product Design, Architecture Visualization, Virtual staging, and Interactive Virtual Tour. Green miner has been instrumental in the development of AUSMT’s 3D graphics and NFT design.